When I…then I.

Fear is a funny thing. Not ha-ha laughing kind of funny like when your boyfriend runs around the house screaming like a little girl because he has a fear of spiders and there is a really big one in the bathroom – the other kind of fear. The one that stops you in your tracks. The kind that holds you hostage to your situation because you can’t move just one step forward.

Fear is the thing that will make you say, When I, then I. When I find the time, then I will call that exercise trainer. When I have enough money, then I can afford the gym/trainer/zumba class. When I can put down the chocolate bar, then I will eat healthier. When I don’t feel so bad about myself then I can actually give a damn.

I am a perfectionist. I like things to be “just so.” When things are out of whack in my world, I go right along with it. If my desk isn’t clean, I can’t write these funny informational stories. If my chores aren’t done, I can’t go out and do things in town. You know what I’m talking about. So, I put things off. Gee, when I find a minute to clean my desk then I can write this great blog about carbs. When I get the animals fed, the vacuuming done, the dishes washed and the bed made, then I can go out to lunch with my bff. The days I don’t feel like cleaning my desk? I can’t write. Or, at least I talk myself into believing I can’t. The days I don’t want to clean? I don’t go out and have fun. Who am I kidding with all this crap? Nobody but me.

It’s like that when you want to make the decision that you want to live a healthier, longer life. Your intentions are good. You read something so completely inspiring that it makes you want to run right out and walk a mile or two. Just as you are ready to do it, this happens; you look at your sneakers, which are really fine, but you talk yourself into thinking that you need new, special walking shoes. So when you get the money together to buy that pair of new, special walking shoes, then you will walk. And you never end up walking.

Some people think that this type of reasoning makes us lazy. Gives us excuses to not exercise because we don’t want to. Sure, the minority of people are lazy. Sadly, the rest of us aren’t lazy. We suffer from fear. Fear of failing. fear of not doing something right in the gym and being laughed at and rejected. Fear of making the commitment and not following through. Fear, depression, self-worth can all play a part in why you don’t try.

You have to take the first step. Don’t wait for the when you…then you moments. Dig deep to find the motivation – not the excuses – to get off your butt and move. The more you move now, the more you’ll move as you age. You are never too old to begin.

If you need more information, advice on how to find the motivation to make those first steps, please don’t let fear stand in your way. Contact me and I can help.